Benefits of Bryant Variable Speed Heat Pumps

It’s July and it has been a hot summer here in Theodore, Alabama. Hopefully, your Heating and Air System has been keeping up with the demand. If it has not then maybe it is time to look at replacing that old system with a new High-Efficiency Variable Speed Bryant Heat Pump System. Our variable speed heat pumps have many benefits as laid out below.

As a Bryant Heating and Cooling products Factory Authorized Dealer, Estes Heating & Air of Theodore, Alabama wants to provide the comfort that you are looking for. At Estes Heating & Air, we will make sure we do it right the first time. From the first call to the final installation check. We are also here when you need us to service both your residential and commercial properties.

If you need a new system then the Evolution Systems Heat Pumps by Bryant offer complete comfort and also energy savings plus exceptional service from your Bryant Dealer.

Extreme Efficiency

The variable speed capabilities of the Evolution Series takes the heat pump to a 13 HSPF heating efficiency. That is a number that most other manufactures can’t reach on a split system. Therefore the variable speed improves efficiency and maximizes comfort in your home.

Environmentally Sound

The Evolution Systems Heat Pumps by Bryant are available with Puron refrigerant since 1996. It will not contribute to the depletion of the Ozone. This will help you reduce the carbon footprint you have on the environment.

Precision Comfort and Efficiency

Bryant’s Evolution Systems electronic control board works with the Evolution control in your home to monitor the systems operation and also automatically adjusts settings to deliver precision temperatures and humidity control.

Extra Quiet Operation

The Aero Quiet Systems II comes equipped on the Bryant’s Evolution Systems. It helps deliver quiet operation through optimized air flow and vibration management.

The multiple stage capabilities of the Bryant Evolution Systems heat pump offer a wealth of benefits due to its technology.
Reduced energy consumption

More consistent indoor temperatures
Quieter operation
Better humidity management
Excellent zoning system performance

For more than a century homeowners have associated Bryant Heating and Cooling products with the highest standards of indoor comfort.

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