Heating and Air Maintenance Agreement Benefits

Benefits of a Heating and Air Maintenance Agreement

Estes Heating & Air Conditioning highly recommends signing a routine HVAC agreement with us. All homeowners should have routine maintenance performed twice per calendar year. We recommend scheduling it in spring and autumn. That way, your system is in good working order for the summer and winter months.

HVAC Maintenance Savings

Our Theodore HVAC maintenance agreements primarily provide homeowners with a discount on their routine inspections. In addition, our packages include money-saving discounts on repairs and future services. But routine maintenance has many more benefits. All routine maintenance packages include these key 5 benefits:

Priority status. You’ll be considered a priority client. This means you’ll receive priority services over other clients. If you ever need emergency repairs or services, you’ll be first in line.

Helpful reminders. Our schedule is often full during the late-spring and late-fall. Most of our neighbors in Theodore are trying to have maintenance performed before summer and winter sets in. When you sign a maintenance agreement with us, we’ll remind you to schedule your maintenance appointment in advance. That way you can make sure you get on our schedule before we’re fully booked.

Document Storage. If you need to make an HVAC warranty claim or plan to sell your home, you’ll to provide several documents. When you sign a maintenance agreement with us, we’ll keep your HVAC documentation in a secure place.

Discounts. As we stated above, all our maintenance agreement packages include money-saving discounts like reduced fees for parts and future services.

Longer HVAC lifespan. When you care for your heating and cooling system properly, it can last up to 50% longer. Routine maintenance can help you avoid major outages and costly repairs.

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