Do I Need A New Air Conditioner

New Air Conditioner Installation in Theodore & Mobile, AL

New Air Conditioner

There are many reasons for a new air conditioner in your home, including:

Increase in Energy Bills: The Theodore, AL heat can take a toll on your AC and Heating system. Without proper maintenance and also with time, your system starts to work harder and longer to try to keep up with your heating and cooling demand. As your system works harder and also longer this increases your energy bills.

Inconsistent Room Temperature: Have you noticed one room is warmer or cooler than another? This is a sign that your system is entering the end of its life.

Excess Dust or Humidity: Have you have noticed an excess of dust, mold or mildew? This is a sign that your system has started to lose its capacity and therefore needs to be replaced.

Frequent Breakdowns: As your system ages things start to break and fail. If you have noticed that your air conditioning system is frequently breaking down it’s time for you to give us a call.

Equipment Age Exceeds 10+ Years: Just like everything in life, your AC and Heating system has an expiration date. After your air conditioning system, reaches 10 years old it starts to enter into the end of life phase. Therefore, if your system is 10+ years old and you have noticed any of the above symptoms it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit.

If you are experiencing any or all of these symptoms above, contact us today, our highly qualified and also highly trained technicians are waiting to hear from you.

Air Conditioning System Replacement Mobile, AL

When your AC system is not operating as it should it affects your comfort. Often when we think our air conditioner needs repair it actually needs to be replaced. At Estes Heating & Air Conditioning your comfort is our biggest concern. Call us for your AC system replacement estimate today and let us help your home get back to comfortable.

Bryant HVAC Products – Theodore, AL

As one of our country’s best HVAC manufacturers, we’re proud to recommend Bryant heating and air systems to our clients. They have been a leader in our industry for more than 100 years and therefore they consistently deliver some of the very best HVAC products available on the market.

As Bryant-authorized dealers, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients choose the best products for their homes or businesses. We’ve been working with Bryant products since we started this company and have been blown away by their product’s durability and also their quality. You can’t go wrong with a Bryant product. We are proud to install Bryant air conditioners because it is what we use in our own homes.

The Bryant HVAC Product Lin