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Bayou La Batre is the seafood capital of Alabama, but to truly enjoy a delicious plate of seafood it requires a great atmosphere and we are not talking about Bayou La Batre’s humidity and heat. We are talking about a cool, comfortable indoor living space. Estes Heating and Air is your Bayou La Batre heating and cooling company. We want to ensure your HVAC system runs effectively and efficiently year-round. Whether you need routine maintenance, repair, or a completely new installation, the experts at Estes Heating and Air are here to help you.

The technicians at Estes Heating and Air are professionally skilled and factory authorized to handle all makes and models of heating and cooling systems. Whether you need a quick repair or a completely new install, our experts do it all. We offer a free estimate and guarantee your complete satisfaction.

When to call Estes Heating and Air in Bayou La Batre for Heating and Air Services

Bayou La Batre residents know without a properly functioning air conditioning system during the summer months it can leave you downright crabby. The same goes for the winter months. To go without heating and cooling is not an option. Estes Heating and Air of Bayou La Batre has you covered through all the seasons on the Gulf coast in Bayou La Batre. 

You know when something is off with your air conditioning or heating system. That is why Estes Heating and Air recommends you contact us immediately if you experience any of the below symptoms. Waiting to contact the professionals at Estes Heating and Air could result in a more expensive fix or even a complete system replacement.

Unusual Noises: Your HVAC system is a complex piece of machinery. It consists of several moving parts that work in harmony with each other to deliver year-round comfort. If a part becomes loose, it may create a strange noise and cause other parts of your system to break down. Contact your friendly professionals at Estes Heating and Air to help diagnose the problem. We offer a free estimate.

Reduced Airflow: If you notice a reduction in airflow from your vents, this could be a sign that your fan blower or the coils in your HVAC system are malfunctioning. Estes Heating and Air in Bayou La Batre recommends that you call us immediately so we can access the problem and fix it right away.

Increase in Utility Bills- When something is wrong with your heating and air conditioning system, your system starts to work harder. This increase in workforce will result in higher monthly energy bills. If you notice an increase in your monthly energy, bills this is a clear sign that you need the professionals at Estes Heating and Air in Bayou La Batre. We will look over your entire HVAC system give you our recommendation to fix the problem and a free estimate.

These are just a few signs that your heating and cooling system requires repair. Other signs include:

  • Foul Odor
  • Indoor Leaks
  • Outdoor Leaks
  • Increase/Decrease in Humidity

Whatever the cause of the problem for your heating and cooling system, you can trust the experts at Estes Heating and Air.

What Makes Estes Heating and Air a great heating and Air company in Bayou La Batre, AL?

At Estes Heating and Air, we want to be your number one choice for all things heating and cooling in Bayou La Batre.

  • Air Conditioning – Installation, Maintenance Repairs, and Replacement
  • Furnace– Installation, Maintenance Repairs, and Replacement
  • Heat Pump – Installation, Maintenance Repairs, and Replacement
  • Service Ductless System & Geothermal System Installation
  • Indoor Air Quality & other HVAC Accessory Installations
  • NATE Certified, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Technicians
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Available 24/7
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Since 1982, Estes Heating and Air has been and continues to be the premier heating and cooling company that Bayou La Batre counts on. We have the licensing and insurance to handle all your heating and cooling needs. Our technicians are the best in the business. They are honest, professional, and reliable. We offer quality products like Bryant and always guarantee 100% complete customer satisfaction. At Estes Heating and Air, our focus is putting the comfort back into your home during every season of life. Contact us today for all your heating and cooling needs in Bayou La Batre!